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Paint and paint for your scooter

Prevent your scooter or moped from getting ugly rust spots that damage the hoods. Treating scratches and other damage on time is of great importance to this. Make sure you have the right material at home and proceed according to the right steps. The paint and paint available in the Zandri webshop is of the best quality. To find the right product, you can easily use the left column, here you can search by color. Won't you figure it out? Speak to us on the chat at the bottom right of the screen, we would like to think along with you.

Lacquer and paint

Spray moped or scooter

Spraying parts of your scooter or moped yourself is easy to do. However, it is important to follow a few steps so that your paint or paint is applied properly.

  • Thoroughly clean the scooter part you want to spray with water and a degreasing cleaning product.
  • Sand the entire paint layer until the surface feels rough. Pay extra attention to attachment points, edges, slight scratches and damage.
  • Please read the instructions on the can before use regarding the corresponding clear coat and/or primer.
  • Spray cans always shake well before and occasionally during use. After use, keep it upside down and spray the spray button clean.
  • Fill small scratches with plastic filler.
  • The primer can be applied in thin layers. First, apply a thin layer for adhesion and wait for it to harden sufficiently. A second layer can be sprayed opaque. Then sand the primer.
  • Also apply the color lacquer in several thin layers. If necessary, sand between two layers.
  • If the scooter paint has dried enough, you can apply the clear coat or varnish to prevent the colour from falling out.

Paint and paint supplies

In the Zandri webshop you can go for a wide range of aerosols for your scooter or moped. In addition, we sell paint markers, primers, fillers and special paint for the brake caliper. Other necessities such as degreaser and cleaning cloths are also easy to order from us.