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The main accessory on the scooter or moped: a good helmet. At Zandri, we have something for everyone: whether you choose a retro helmet, full face helmet or a cross helmet. We only sell approved helmets of different brands and in many different colors and designs. When choosing the right helmet, the fit is most important. A helmet should not be too tight, but certainly not too loose either because the helmet cannot do its job properly in the event of a fall. Can we help you choose the perfect helmet? We would be happy to help you on the chat at the bottom right of the screen, or check out our choice aid helmets.


Scooter helmets and moped helmets

The Zandri webshop has a wide range of scooter helmets for scooters and mopeds. Whether you are looking for a cross helmet, full face helmet, jet helmet, retro helmet or a children's helmet. All these types of helmets are safe and suitable for use on public roads, and are ECE certified.

ECE quality mark scooter helmets

The abbreviation ECE stands for 'Economic Commission for Europe'. The activities of the ECE include the drafting of guidelines that products must comply with. The way of testing is also prescribed by the committee.

Before a scooter helmet gets the ECE quality mark, the scooter helmet must be tested. Normally, the quality of products is checked by samples. However, the ECE obliges that every load of scooter helmets be checked. In addition, a pair of scooter helmets are taken off the production line and subjected to the prescribed tests again. If these headgear do not pass the tests, the whole load will be rejected.

Buying Scooter Helmet

Are you going to buy a new scooter helmet? Then take a look at our wide range of scooter helmets. Thanks to our large range, you will always find the type of helmet you are looking for All our scooter helmets offer good protection and are available for almost any type of head. Whether you're looking for a jet helmets with an Integrated sun visor, quick-release full-face helmets or system helmets, for all type of scooter riders we have the suitable helmet.

Scooter helmet accessories

Zandri not only offers moped and scooter helmets with the ECE quality mark, but also for various accessories, such as:
- Helmet caps
- Helmet suspension systems
- Visors

Helmet Boxes
- Glasses

Fallen with the scooter helmet?

Have you collided or fallen on with your scooter helmet or moped helmet? If the scooter helmet has caught more than a touch, you should probably replace it. The cushioning capacity of the material inside the helmet may be greatly reduced.

Scooter Helmets Sizing

It is very important that your helmet is the correct size. Only when a helmet fits well, it is effective in the event of a possible fall. The size helmet you need is easy to find out via this size chart. In addition, before you put the helmet into use, you must also fit it.