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Scooter rims

Are you also looking forward to taking a ride on the scooter on a sunny day? Not only is a scooter handy because you are agile in the big city, you can also use it to view the surroundings. As the owner of a scooter, you want your scooter to have a unique, sporty look. A perfect way to achieve this is by mounting other rims on your scooter. Rims come in all shapes and sizes and give your scooter that different look.

Rims / wheels

Vespa rims

Vespa is one of the biggest brands active in the scooter market. The Vespa brand scooters are produced by the Italian company Piaggio. The brand has released several scooter models such as the Elettrica, the Primavera and the Sprint. At first, the models are not similar, but still there is an agreement. Of all models, both the front and rear wheel size is 12”. We have various Vespa rims in the range. This way you can give your Vespa the desired look.

Vespa Sprint rims

The Vespa Sprint is the sporty model of the Vespa. Thanks to the innovative motors, this model gives you a completely new driving experience. The Vespa Sprint has 12” wheels with aluminum rims of its own. Do you have a Vespa Sprint and would you like other rims? Then you're right with us! We have several wheel sets that can be mounted on the Vespa Sprint.

Piaggio zip rims

The Piaggio brand scooters are produced by the same company as the Vespa brand scooters. Piaggio, just like Vespa, supplies reliable scooters of Italian quality. A well-known model of the Piaggio is the Piaggio Zip. The Piaggio Zip is a scooter with an economical petrol engine. He is also known for being cheap in maintenance. With a storage compartment under the saddle and at the front of the scooter, the Piaggio Zip offers plenty of storage space. The Piaggio Zip is a somewhat small scooter and has 10” tires. Would you like to provide this scooter with new rims? Then you've come to the right place! We sell both loose rims and a rim set for the Piaggio Zip.

Scooter rim replacement

Replacing a scooter tire is quite a task. But don't worry, we'll explain it to you step by step. Replacing the rear wheel is a little more complicated than replacing the front wheel. To make the replacement of the rims as easy as possible, it is recommended to use a jack. This is where your scooter leans on while you are changing the rims.

Step 1: Remove all parts that hinder you when replacing the rim of the scooter. Remember where all the bolts come from and sort them if necessary, this will save you a lot of hassle when mounting the tire.

Step 2: Detach the rim from the scooter. Depending on the type of scooter, the rim can be stuck in different ways. Some rims are fixed with several small bolts, others with a large size 22 or 24 cap.

Step 3: Deflate the tires.

Step 4: When there is no more air in the tires, press the scooter tire to the center of the rim using a vise or a tire device.

Step 5: Using tire spoons, detach one half of the scooter tire from the rim. Repeat on the other side. Now that the tire is separated from the rim, it's time to assemble your new rims. When replacing a tire or rim, always place a new valve in the rim.

Step 6: Lubricate some dishwashing liquid on the belt so that the rim is easier to place.

Step 7: Place one side of the rim in the tire.

Step 8: Using the tire spoons, wrap the other side of the tire around the rim.

Step 9: Using a compressor, bring the tire to the correct tire pressure.

Step 10: Mount the tire to the scooter. The new rims are now on your scooter and you can go back on the road!

Zandri's assembly aid


't you get out, are you? YouTube has several tutorial videos so that you can easily replace the rims of your scooter. With the help of these editing videos, you can't work? Then our mechanics will be happy to help you by phone!