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Zandri strives for a clear website and clear explanation of our working method and
all matters associated with ordering products on our website.

If something is not clear, we ask you to see if your question is described below. Here we have placed an overview with the most frequently asked questions. There is a good chance that your question and the answer to this are in there.

If this is not the case, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service.


-Once you have found the right product on the website, you can add it to the shopping cart.
-If you need more, you can also add these products to the shopping cart.
-Once all desired products have been added to the shopping cart, go to the shopping cart.
-Check the order and the quantities. Change if necssary.
- Proceed to checkout.
- Fill in the requested information.
- Indicate whether you want to have the package sent or pick it up our location in Groesbeek.

-Select the date you want to receive the package.
-Click on “pick up” to select a PostNL service point near you. This is in case you do not wish to have the package delivered to your home (service only available in the Netherlands and Belgium).
-Click on “continue”.
-Select the desired payment method and check the order again, the address details and the shipping method.
-Agree to the terms and conditions.
-Click on “place order”.
-Then make the payment.
-After successful payment, the order is placed and you will receive a confirmation by e-mail.

No this is not possible, orders can only be placed online and you have to do this yourself. Of course we can help you find the right products.

Once your order has been placed and paid for, it will immediately be processed in the warehouse. It is then no longer possible to add anything to this order

    It is best to contact customer service. They will check whether the order can still be cancelled. If you have already received an e-mail with track & trace, cancellation is no longer possible.

      It is best to contact customer service. They will see if the order can still be changed. If you have already received an e-mail with track & trace, changes are no longer possible.

        The delivery time is stated with each product. You will also be shown the expected delivery date of the package during the ordering process. The order will be shipped as soon as all items are available. If items have to be ordered, shipping will be delayed until these items have been delivered to us. This may take several working days.

          No, your order will be shipped as soon as it is complete. If items need to be ordered, we will wait for them to be delivered. After that, your order will be shipped immediately.

            Shipping within the Netherlands costs €5.95. For sending an order to Belgium you pay € 6.95. If you place multiple orders, you pay shipping costs per order. The orders are not merged by us. This is also not possible. There are also a number of products that come without shipping costs. Hereby the text “Free shipping on this item” is mentioned.
            Free shipping on certain products only applies to shipping within the Netherlands.
            Click here for an overview of the shipping costs to the other countries.

              No, there is no minimal amount for free shipping. There are products on the site that we will ship without paying shipping costs.. If you order one of these products, the order will be sent without shipping costs. Of course, this also applies to any other products in this order.
              Please note, this only applies to shipping in the Netherlands

                We like to help you. It is best to contact us via chat or e-mail. Try to explain as clearly as possible what you are looking for. Always state the type / brand of the scooter. Preferably also the year of manufacture and possibly the VIN (vehicle identification number). If we have the part in our assortment, you will be sent a link to the product in our shop so that you can easily add it to the shopping cart.

                No, this is not possible, we want to deliver quickly and do not keep orders open for a long time.

                  It may take up to 30 minutes before you receive a confirmation. The confirmation may also have ended up in your spam box. If the e-mail has not arrived at all, there is a good chance that you have made a typo when entering your e-mail address. We are not allowed to change your email address. You can send an e-mail or contact us via the chat to obtain more information about the placed order.

                    No this is not possible. It is also not possible to order a product that is not available at that time. Zandri only accepts orders that can be delivered at short notice.

                      First of all, you can see if there is a advice to decide page available for the type of product you are looking for. The advice to decide pages provide more clarity about the differences between certain products and help you make the right choice. If it’s not available, or if you still cannot make a good choice after reading it, please contact customer service. They will gladly help you.

                      Advice to decide pages:

                      -Leg covers
                      -Vehicle covers
                      -Blocking tool
                      -Spark plugs
                      -Body cover kit
                      -Chain locks
                      -Paint and varnish
                      -LED lightning
                      -Maintenance kits
                      -Brake disc locks
                      -Rearview mirrors
                      -Main jets
                      -Top cases
                      -Variator weights
                      -Engine GY6 (carburetor version)


                      When ordering, it is indicated when you can expect the package. As soon as the order has been shipped, you will receive an e-mail with the shipping information from PostNL or UPS, the tracking number and the expected delivery time.

                      No, your package will most likely not have been shipped yet. If you have not received a confirmation email either, it is possible that you entered the wrong email address when ordering. In this case you can contact customer service.

                      Zandri sends all packages with PostNL or UPS.

                      In the Netherlands and Belgium, parcels are also delivered on Saturdays. For the other countries, this varies from country to country.

                      Yes, you can specify an address other than your own when ordering. It is also possible to have the order delivered to a PostNL pick-up point (this service is only available in the Netherlands and Belgium).

                      Yes, this is possible if the package has not yet been sent and/or registered with PostNL or UPS. You can have this changed by customer service. If you have received an e-mail regarding the shipment of the package, we can no longer change the address for you.

                      If you have ordered a wrong product yourself, you can return it to us with the return form. If you have ordered the correct item but received something different, we request that you take a photo of the received product and email it to info@zandri.nl. We will then sort it out and come up with a suitable solution.

                      It is important that you do not assemble or mount it, take pictures of it and email it to info@zandri.nl. We will then offer you a solution.

                      What is on the packing slip must be in the box. If something small is missing, we request that you check the box carefully, in particular whether it has been slid under the flaps at the bottom of the box. If this is not the case, please email customer service at info@zandri.nl

                      The package is often delivered later in the day. You can also ask the neighbors whether they have accepted the package. If this is not the case and you have waited a day, we request that you send an email to info@zandri.nl in which you confirm that you have not received the package. We will forward this to concerning parcel service and they will then start an investigation. As soon as we know more we will inform you. The investigation by PostNL or UPS takes a few working days.

                      The delivery time to Belgium is 1 working day, the same as shipments within the Netherlands.


                      We guarantee that you will get your money back for all returned items, provided that the items are returned in good condition (unassembled). If the product does not meet your requirements, you can return the item with all accessories supplied, in its original condition and in its original packaging. You have 30 days to do this. If an item is damaged or has signs of use/assembly, a return will not be accepted and no refund of the (full) purchase value will follow. The further processing is determined in consultation with the customer (in principle, the article remains the property of the customer). Make sure you pack the item well for the return shipment; Zandri is not responsible for the delivery of the return shipment or any transport damage. If you want to be covered in the event that your package is lost and is not delivered to us, choose an insured shipment with a carrier of your choice. The costs of this are for your own account. Registering the return remains required, even if you send the package without a return label from Zandri.

                      Don't you have a printer? Include the packing slip or a note with your contact details and order number in the box. You can have the barcode of the return label scanned at the service point of the parcel service. They will print the return label for you.

                      This differs per country. We use the services of Returnless.
                      Returnless works with all major parcel carriers in Europe.

                      How can I return an item? You can return a product by using the Returnless return service.
                      The return shipment must first be registered. To do this, go to https://www.returnform.com/zandri

                      At the top of this page you will find a more detailed explanation of the return process.

                      Would you rather have the return shipment insured? Then choose insured shipping.

                      You then pay for the shipping costs yourself and of course you use a parcel service of your choice. In that case, the return address is:
                      Zandri B.V. attn. return department
                      De Ren 15 6562JJ Groesbeek
                      The Netherlands

                      Pay attention! In the event that you opt for an insured shipment of your choice, you must still register the return on the Returnless website https://www.returnform.com/zandri

                      Go to the website https://www.returnform.com/zandri You can register the product for return. Photos of the product will be requested. As soon as you have completed the registration, you will receive a response and a suitable solution within 4 hours on business days (office hours).

                      Go to the website https://www.returnform.com/zandri You can register the damaged product for return.  Photos of the damage will be requested. As soon as you have completed the registration, you will receive a response and a suitable solution within 4 hours on business days (office hours).

                      This differs per country. In the Netherlands it is free if you choose PostNL as the parcel carrier.

                      Yes, a return must always be registered on the website https://www.returnform.com/zandri
                      If the return request has been approved, you can use a carrier of your choice
                      and you don't have to use the return label. For example, if you choose to send the package insured.

                      Yes, you are at all times responsible for the return shipment. Zandri will not reimburse the contents of the package if it is lost or damaged in transit. If you want 100% certainty, you can opt for an insured shipment via another carrier of your choice. In that case, you pay for the return of a package yourself. You must anyway first register the return shipment at https://www.returnform.com/zandri

                      You can register your order, or part of it, for return within 30 days of the date of receipt. Products registered after 30 days are not eligible for return. No exceptions are made to this.

                      Yes, you will be kept informed by email throughout the return process.
                      You can also see the status of your return on the Returnless portal.

                      As soon as your return has been processed and the products have been accepted, a credit note will be made. It will then take another 2-3 business days for the amount to reach your account.

                      No, exchange is not possible. We will refund the paid amount to your account. You can order the desired product yourself.

                      Yes, you can drop off a return package at our pick-up location in Groesbeek. But this is only possible if the return has been registered via Returnless https://www.returnform.com/zandri
                      As soon as you receive the approval to return it, you can drop it off at the collection desk.
                      However, the return is not handled on site. The employee who accepts the package ensures that it ends up at the returns department. Do not forget to put a completed return form in the box.

                      No this is not possible. The exchange of products is not possible anyway.
                      You can however return a product (in a box with a return form) after you have registered the return on https://www.returnform.com/zandri. If you order the desired product yourself on the webshop and choose "pick up in Groesbeek", you can combine the return and pick-up.


                      View all payment options here.

                      Yes, you can choose the payment method Klarna.

                      If the payment is not successful, the order will not be processed. It is best to place a new order. The order whose payment has not been successful will be canceled automatically. You do not need to contact us about this.

                      It is best to try to order again, if necessary you can select a different payment method. An order for which the payment has not been successful will be automatically cancelled. You do not need to contact us about this.

                      You can transfer the total amount of your order to our account number, stating: the order number. You will find this in the confirmation email. As soon as we have received the amount, your order will be processed.

                      If you have chosen to pay after delivery via Klarna, you will receive an invoice from them. You must therefore pay directly to Klarna. You can also contact Klarna if you have any questions about this.


                      Yes this is possible. You can select this option when placing an order. Of course you do not pay any shipping costs. Keep in mind that you can only pick up the order when you have received an e-mail stating that the order is ready.

                      No this is not possible. Pick-up is only possible once you have received an e-mail stating that the order is ready for pick-up.

                      No, this is not possible, an order can only be placed online.

                      No, this is not possible, you can only pay online. We do not have a cash register you can’t pay with card at our pick-up counter in Groesbeek.

                      You will receive an email as soon as the order is ready for pick-up.


                      Yes, Zandri offers a 2 year warranty against manufacturing defects on all products.

                      No, not just like that. First, the product must be registered for warranty. You can do this by submitting a warranty claim on the page https://www.returnform.com/zandri-garantie

                      We aim to complete a warranty assessment within one week. However, it may take longer. For example, if the product needs to be repaired or if the product needs to be returned to the manufacturer for evaluation.


                      Yes, you can, if you are commercially active in the two-wheeler industry and this is also stated as such on your Chamber of Commerce registration.

                      You can create an account yourself on our website. You then send an e-mail with your Chamber of Commerce number and any additional information about your company. As soon as it appears that you are indeed business-oriented in the two-wheeler industry, your account will be converted to business. You will receive a confirmation email.

                      No this is not possible. Zandri always invoices including VAT. Even if the order is delivered across the border.

                      No this is not possible. Zandri always invoices including VAT. Even if the order is delivered across the border.