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Replace air filter or oil filter of your scooter or moped in time

Air filters and oil filters are important parts for all motor vehicles. If the air filter is not in order, polluted air comes to the internal combustion engine. In addition to other malfunctions, your moped or scooter will use more fuel. Avoid problems due to timely maintenance! To find the right and fitting part for your scooter, use the column on the left. Here you can simply select the brand and type of scooter. Can we help you? Speak to us on the chat at the bottom right of the screen!

Air filters and oil filters

Replace oil filter in a timely manner

An oil filter is also important for the life of the engine block. The moving parts of the engine get the best lubrication with clean oil without soot particles, metal particles and dust. The oil filter absorbs this contamination until the filter is saturated. As air filters and oil filters become saturated over time, you should change both regularly.

Zandri supplies air filter and oil filter by brand

Zandri supplies scooter parts for all brands and types of scooters and mopeds. You can also contact Zandri for the right oil filter. By filtering the results within air filters and oil filters, you can determine which filters or filter elements you need. Do you need advice? Then call one of our mechanics free of charge.

Powerfilter scooter

A power filter on the scooter looks nice and the filter lets more air through. This can give the scooter more speed with a good adjustment. A power filter is also known as a road filter. Power filters make the most sense with a return exhaust/sports exhaust.